Best Overseas Education Destinations for Students

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Students in India tend to worry a lot especially when it comes to their education abroad. The main question that pops up in the mind of any person who decides to study overseas is regarding the university to choose. You may also be worried about the admission in your domain of interest and how to make payments of your fees. There are specialized organizations that offer outward remittance company in Chandigarh that help meeting financial needs of international students. These may include banks or private money exchangers. Here are the list of some overseas Education destinations that you could choose from:

1.     Paris

Popularly known as the city of love, Paris is famous for its romantic settings and pretty lights. The place is also famous for its top class education and highly reputed universities. The cost of living in Paris may be quite high for international students. However, it can be reduced by traveling in the metro, eating out in student cafeterias on campus, etc. EcoleNormaleSuperieure and EcolePolytechnique are leading universities in Paris.

2.     London

London offers an ideal culturally enriching study experience to students. The city has an amazing choice of courses that range from zoology to accounting. Students from more than 200 countries are attracted to this hub for education to pursue the course of interest.The degree from London has worldwide recognition and opens the door to a large number of opportunities. The topmost universities include University College London and Imperial College London.

3.     Singapore

Singapore is one of the greatest and greenest cities in the world with its beautiful parks, gardens and trees along the roadside. The city has clean air, green energy resources, excellent nature conversation strategies and applies efficient waste management techniques. The living expenses for students may range from $600 to $1600 per month depending upon the lifestyle. National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University are the best universities to get enrolled.

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4.     Canada

Canada is one of the best places to live as it is a safe, peaceful and orderly country with low crime rate & violence and high standard of living. It is an international leader in the field of IT and computers. The country also excels in various sectors such as transportation, engineering, and telecommunications. When compared to the USA, the cost of living in Canada is lesser. The best universities in Canada are theUniversity of Toronto and McGill University.

5.     Germany

It is one of the major study destinations in Europe. The Unity of Learning and Research is the guiding principle of the German education system. Theoretical and practical education, are considered the two sides of the same coin. The students who wish to pursue the education in Germany are expected to have access to at least 800 euros per month to fulfill the cost of living. Technische Universitat Berlin and Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg can be chosen by you.

Once you finalize the university and meet the admission criteria you may need to apply and obtain the visa. Before leaving overseas for the education you will definitely need a foreign currency of the respective country. You can always search for outward remittance services in tricity online and grab lucrative deals.

What do you feel about the information shared? You are encouraged to share any experience that can help students pick the best study destination for overseas education.

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