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Currency Exchange Without Paying Massive Charges

Currency exchange is a difficult and potentially expensive business. Hedge Money is an Energetic organisation that provides a host of services around the whole forex ecosystem. Whether you are travelling for leisure, business, or studies. Our  All-in-one services bring you all that you need to your doorsteps.

Transparency is our business model; we provide ourselves on our exemplary, regulatory track record and always strive to do the right thing. Our vision is of not just staying in the market as the best financial service providers, but a vision of seeing you feeling happy and satisfied with our services.

With our simplified Foreign Exchange services, you have the power to travel anywhere in the world with little to worry about currency availability. In the order of 40 types of currencies are available with us at any specified time. These include all most important currencies like US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro, British Pound, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, South African Rand, Swedish Kroner, Danish Kroner, Norway Kroner.

Foreign Exchange Company in Ambala

We have RBI authorised Currency Exchange Company in Chandigarh, so you can always entrust us with all our services and transactions.

Prices are collected from the most reliable and reputable liquidity providers and the best BID/ASK is presented to our clients without any intervention or manipulation.

Hedge Money is also leading Foreign Exchange Company in Ambala has set out to create the best online FOREX TRADING experience in the market. We pioneered the no dealing desk forex execution model, providing competitive, transparent execution for our traders.

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Estimate Your Cost of Living before Making an International Move

Are you thinking about settling abroad? Or are you making a move on short term basis for studies or job? Before booking your plane ticket or looking for visa options it is vital to calculate the cost of living. You can search for Currency Exchange Company in Chandigarh and find a great exchange rate. There may be places that have affordable rent but have higher tax rates or school costs. Here is how you can assess your lifestyle and calculate the typical cost of living.

Housing or Rent

You can easily find affordable accommodation anywhere in the world as long as you are not planning to travel like a tourist. Once you find a place where the property is available at reasonable prices you can start deciding if you want to take it on rent or buy it. If you plan to live in the area for less than 3 years it is recommended to rent a house. This is because the rental costs are fixed, plus there are no headaches of maintenance and repair. The contracts can be ended when you want to go home. You can go for a furnished or unfurnished home.

Utility and Internet Bills

While you are negotiating rental price and furnishings you can also discuss on the utilities that are included. In some countries, the cost of water, electricity or both is covered by the landlord. On the top of these basic needs, there may be additional fees that you may need to pay at some places to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. The utilities may be included in the rental cost. You may be expected to pay the internet bills in general. The costs, type, and speeds of the internet may vary considerably across the world.

currency exchange company in chandigarh

Transportation Costs

Before you move, think how you will be going around in the new country and calculate if you can afford it. You may choose to move into a city without a car which may mean that you will save on petrol, parking and insurance costs. However, the saving may be eaten up by the cab fares or rail passes. Most of the countries have hefty costs of public transportation and few also lack in proper public transportation coverage. So you may need to do a proper research on the modes of transport available and calculate the amount that you have to spend.

Food and Groceries

When calculating the food costs in your new home there are two factors that need considerations, i.e. size of the town compared to others across the world and where the food products are grown. In general, the regionally grown fruits and vegetables are cheaper than their imported counterparts. It is better to shop at local markets as you can save money and will also be able to help the local farming economy at the same time. Moreover, the local food is a healthier option when compared to processed food.

Keep above points in mind and calculate the cost that needs to be incurred on healthcare and medication before taking the final decision. You can order foreign currency exchange in Chandigarh online as well.

What do you think about the points we discussed? Do you want to add anything? Please comment below as we would love to hear from you!

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Travelling Abroad? Why Prepaid Forex Card is the Best

These days plastic is in and cash is out especially if you are going abroad on a holiday. Most of the experts recommend travelers to opt for prepaid forex card while you are exchanging foreign currency at a leading currency exchange company in Chandigarh. Forex is an affordable and safer option than buying currency and is also a good hedge against the fluctuations in the currency rates. Here are few reasons why you must purchase a prepaid forex card to fund the expenses of your upcoming foreign trip.

  • Accepted Almost Everywhere
    These cards are not only accepted in shopping malls and fancy restaurants, they are even accepted by the taxis. If you are going to visit only a single country it makes sense in purchasing a single destination currency card. You can opt for a multi-currency card if you are a frequent traveler or are visiting multiple countries on a single trip. These cards are also valid for several years.
  • Secure and Safe
    From the security point of view, the dollar prepaid travel cards help mitigate the risk of losing cash in case of loss of wallet or theft. The forex card can also be hot listed to in case of loss of the card which ensures your amount remains safe. Moreover, both the card and PIN are needed to be able to access your money making it difficult for the person who finds the card to misuse it.
  • Hedge against Fluctuation in Currency
    These travel cards allow you to lock-in the exchange rate before you go abroad. The forex card thus protects you from the volatility of currency fluctuation. The rate which applies is the one that is applicable on the date of the purchase. As rupee generally depreciates the dollar is advisable to lock-in your rate before the trip.
currency exchange company in Chandigarh
  • Economical than Debit and Credit Card
    If you swipe your debit card or credit card outside India you end up paying more. This is because a card which is issued in India has an INR denomination. When such card is used outside India the transaction does not occur in INR. So you may have to bear a cross currency markup for every transaction.It is the currency conversion charge and lies in the range of 3 to 5 percent. As forex card is loaded with local currency you save on the markup cost.
  • Cost-Effective than Currency Purchase
    The prepaid forex cards are more affordable in comparison to buying foreign currency due to different logistics and cost dynamics involved. There is a difference of around 50 paise to Rs. 2. These travel cards can also be topped up easily whenever you run out of money. This can be done online as well as via phone by remitting the required amount in rupees from the savings bank account to the card provider who offers foreign exchange services in Tricity.

As per the experts, the travel card must be used only to make payments for goods and services while you are abroad. Do should not be used to withdraw money from the ATM as it may attract a fee per transaction.

Do you like the benefits of forex card we have mentioned? Please share your feedback and let us know if you want to add something to it!

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