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Currency Exchange Without Paying Massive Charges

Currency exchange is a difficult and potentially expensive business. Hedge Money is an Energetic organisation that provides a host of services around the whole forex ecosystem. Whether you are travelling for leisure, business, or studies. Our  All-in-one services bring you all that you need to your doorsteps.

Transparency is our business model; we provide ourselves on our exemplary, regulatory track record and always strive to do the right thing. Our vision is of not just staying in the market as the best financial service providers, but a vision of seeing you feeling happy and satisfied with our services.

With our simplified Foreign Exchange services, you have the power to travel anywhere in the world with little to worry about currency availability. In the order of 40 types of currencies are available with us at any specified time. These include all most important currencies like US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro, British Pound, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, South African Rand, Swedish Kroner, Danish Kroner, Norway Kroner.

Foreign Exchange Company in Ambala

We have RBI authorised Currency Exchange Company in Chandigarh, so you can always entrust us with all our services and transactions.

Prices are collected from the most reliable and reputable liquidity providers and the best BID/ASK is presented to our clients without any intervention or manipulation.

Hedge Money is also leading Foreign Exchange Company in Ambala has set out to create the best online FOREX TRADING experience in the market. We pioneered the no dealing desk forex execution model, providing competitive, transparent execution for our traders.

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Top 4 Factors Affecting Currency in Forex Trading Market

Forex trading is nothing but the trading of one currency for another. It is just like any other trade and with each passing day, a lot of people are trading in the forex market. Originally forex was invented as a hedge against risk. If you are in a business that buys and sells from or to abroad, forex is an effective hedge against loss due to currency fluctuation. Foreign exchange company in North India dealing in forex also helps in currency conversion for the individuals. Currency trading market is the backbone of international trade and investment between countries but a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration.

Let us see what factors affect the currency.

  1. Different Interest Rates Among Nations

This is the most important factor affecting a currency.  The different interest rates among nations affect the exchange rates. Suppose the interest rate on deposits in the US are 3% and in India is 7%, where will you want to invest? India of course! But there are factors to consider as well. As money moves from the US to India there is more demand for Rupees which strengthens the Indian currency. As flow increase into the nation, its currency gains value and gets stronger. The Central Banks of each country decide the interest rates, the difference in interest causes inflow or outflow.

  1. Inflation

It is the second best-known factor. For example, India has decided to encourage business expansion by easing interest rates and has 3.5% inflation at the time. Not many money managers would rush to pull their money out of India. This is because even if it is going to earn less interest, their money would lose less buying power with 1% inflation increase. If they find another country where there is a better difference among low inflation rate and higher interest rates, they will move.

Foreign exchange company in North India
  1. Productivity

This is often the overlooked factor, but smart money managers don’t neglect this. The productivity of a nation’s workforce can also decide how big money firms manage their money. Productivity is an important factor for the nation. It is one of the foundations on which the country’s price structure is based. A workforce with higher productivity can afford to get higher wages and still price their products competitively. If the interest rate in the productive nation drops even by 1% it will create panic and in such a productive nation inflation is unlikely to rise to a point where real rate of interest gets unattractive.

  1. Balance of Trade

It is how much the country takes in form of selling goods as exports to how much it buys as imports.  If a country exports less than it imports, then it has a negative balance of trade.  The higher the negative balance, the greater the disadvantage to a nation. This means too much of the currency is flowing out. A nation that has a positive balance of payments will have a better exchange rate with a stronger currency.

All the above factors affect the currency value and is also the sum of how money managers react and how they value each other. Knowing how a currency performs is an important factor to consider during investments in a foreign exchange company in Ambala.

Did you find this blog post useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Hedge Money wishes its readers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

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Foreign Currency Exchange in India – 7 Things you Should Know

You have been saving for months to go on a vacation abroad, but that getaway may not be as affordable as you think and you may end up spending a lot of your money. Currency exchange (Converting your currency into the foreign currency of the place you are traveling to) can be a complex and potentially costly business, with a lot of fees and charges if you exchange money without proper knowledge and preparation.

Here are few things you should know before you opt for foreign currency exchange in Chandigarh:

  • Exchange Currency Before Your Travel Date
    Currency exchangers advise you to get your foreign currency ready a week before, or in the worst scenario at least three days before your travel date. Currency exchange is recommended before because rates can fluctuate highly. If the rates are on the higher side when you go to the exchange, you can wait two or three days to see if the rate is falling or not. Doing this could save you a lot of money.
  • Don’t Exchange from Airport Outlets
    If you think that you will exchange the currency at the foreign exchange outlets at the airport, then don’t, as it is an expensive option. You will be charged a high commission. And since you do not have any option, you cannot even bargain. You may lose a good amount of money and you would have to change your plans even before you leave.
  • Always Compare Exchange Rates
    Exchange rates for each currency vary from vendor to vendor. Compare the exchange rates offered by at least 4- 5 vendors before exchanging. There are a lot of online tools which easily allows you to compare exchange rates quoted by different money changers in your area.
  • The International Debit Card is Not a Travel Card
    The debit or credit card which you have is issued in India carries currency in INR. When you swipe it somewhere out of India, the transaction takes place in foreign currency which has a currency conversion mark of up to 5 percent. As using debit or credit card will cost you extra money, so always carry a forex card with local currency and it would be good if you have a spare one too.
Foreign currency exchange in Chandigarh
  • Prefer Online Fund Transfer Over Cash
    The cash payment is limited when you buy foreign exchange in India i.e. up to Rs 50,000. The easy way out is to transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS payment directly to the bank account of foreign exchange company in Ambala. This mode of payment would make your transaction more transparent and traceable.
  • RBI Authorized Forex Dealers are Best
    Always be careful when dealing with foreign exchange companies, there may be many fraud outlets especially in tourist centers. You should deal with vendors who have a money changing license issued by Reserve Bank of India. And always ask for a bill on all transactions.
  • Avoid Travelers Cheque
    Traveler’s cheque is no more in use and is the thing of the past. Forex travel cards have now replaced them. Traveler’s cheque is not accepted in most of the places and it would be difficult for you to encash it. Moreover, many merchants or banks overseas charge high commission on enhancing it. This will make you lose a lot of money and your travel will be hampered.

Keep all these above points in mind to save the cash and make your foreign travel affordable. Happy Travelling!

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